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We'd love to tell you which brands to buy from to reduce your Slavery Footprint. The truth is, we can’t yet. This issue is not a priority for business. That’s why Made In A Free World is building a revolutionary tool for companies to directly address slavery in their supply chains, along with a movement to partner with companies who are actively building a Free World. We need your help to build this movement.

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As a supporter of your business, I wanted to let you know I've recently become aware of an issue that affects us both: modern-day slavery. There are over 27 million people enslaved today, many of whom make the things we use and buy. This issue is quickly becoming a priority for millions of consumers world wide.

I'd like to know how much your company has investigated and mitigated the potential exposure to forced labor in your supply management systems.

Do you have a robust code of conduct that is current with recent forced labor data and prevention recommendations?
Are your suppliers, both direct and indirect, aware of your value for human rights and freedom?
How are you making sure your suppliers are living up to your expectations regarding forced labor?

I'm certain we share the same values of freedom and I know it’s challenging to address this complex issue.

My request is simple. Let me know that this is a priority for your business. Go to www.madeinafreeworld.com/business and sign up to learn more.


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More About The Work Of Made In A Free World:

Made In A Free World believes that changing the world takes everyone. We are a network of individuals, groups, and businesses working together to disrupt slavery. We produce innovative campaigns, on the ground projects, consumer engagement tools, and business solutions designed to get slavery out of our system. Our dream is simple.
One day everyone and everything will be Made In A Free World.

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